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Quality Controls

Quality Controls

Lamcor Group Inc. is committed to Continuous Quality Control Improvements for Production Reliability Enhancements. Lamcor Group Inc. is partnered with UL and CSA for continuous Quality Control improvements.

Training and Process Flow Controls

Internally we continue to train our production teams to become fully aware of potential quality issues and to obtain necessary skills to ensure achieving the highest level of quality possible. Our process flow is well documented and available for implementation.

100% Quality Inspection

Lamcor Group Inc. performs 100% Inspection for all Cable/Wire Assemblies

  • Each cable/wire assembly is electrically tested for continuity and open-circuited conditions with in-house testers or customer supplied equipment.
  • All cable/wire assemblies are functionally tested as required by customers’ specific requirements.
  • Each cable/wire assembly is visually inspected for damages or deformities.
  • Each first-article cable/wire assembly is mechanically and electrically tested as required by the customers’ special requirements.
  • All cable/wire assemblies are properly labeled and identified with necessary documentation.

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