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Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment

Lamcor Group Inc. achieves the highest Quality Standards by utilizing state of the art machines which greatly reduces the amount of yield loss while at the same time achieving and maintaining a higher output.

We carry the following machines:
MTX Series 5

Fully automated machine that strips and crimps wire leads at the same time for higher output at the fraction of the time/cost it takes two operators on two separate machines to achieve the same quality and volume.

Artos CS-326

Capable of cutting your bigger gauge cables and wires up to two and four O/T. Precise cuts and lengths is the name of the game here at Lamcor Group Inc.

Molex and TE universal Crimp Presses

These tools accept all major manufacturer applicators such as JST, Hirose, Molex, and Tyco to name a few to crimp all your terminals on to wire leads.

  • Each cable/wire assembly is electrically tested for continuity and open-circuited conditions with in-house testers or customer supplied equipment.
  • All cable/wire assemblies are functionally tested as required by customers’ specific requirements.
  • Each cable/wire assembly is visually inspected for damages or deformities.
  • Each first-article cable/wire assembly is mechanically and electrically tested as required by the customers’ special requirements.
  • All cable/wire assemblies are properly labeled and identified with necessary documentation.

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